The Hacker of Guantanamo Bay


Imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit, tortured for information he doesn’t possess, now free, the hacker known as Sorcerer will seek his revenge.

The Hacker of Guantanamo Bay is a gripping story of a group of friends torn apart by the devastating loss of their friend in the collapse of the Trade Center. While Sorcerer seeks revenge on his countrymen who are behind the attack, some of his friends find reason to believe that he is working with the terrorists.  While he hacks Al Quada, they hack him and only learn the truth of his actions after his arrest.  While they franticly work to set him free, Sorcerer is tortured in an off shore prison.

Free after twenty years, it is only then he learns that it was his who friends betrayed him.  Angry and bitter, he hacks their professional and private lives, hoping to take his revenge and ruin his accusers.  As his revenge unfolds, Sorcerer is faced with becoming what he always hated as he accidently triggers a war when he steals government research in taking his revenge on his former fiancée.  He must find a way to rise above his hate and put a stop to the war before he becomes the terrorist he was accused of being.

The Hacker of Guantanamo Bay comes from my long association with the hacker community and is as much as story of the hacker subculture as it is a story of revenge.  Filled with biting sarcastic humor and characters who hack their lives as well as their computers, The Hacker of Guantanamo Bay is a bitter portrayal of love, loss and betrayal, showing the complexity of life as a hacker in a world which stereotypes them as socially inept boys who become the master criminals of the cyberworld.


The Hacker of Guantanamo Bay

Imprisoned for a crime he did not commit.

Tortured for information he did not possess.

Once freed, he will stop at nothing until his revenge is complete.