How far would you go to save something Innocent?


“A sprawling, advantageous effort similar to, and obviously inspired by, Tolkien’s “Lord of Rings” series as well as the “Narnia” books” “The author carefully mixes historical fact with well-crafted mythology. -  As a whole, this is a solid mystical adventure that will interest readers from start to finish with its likable protagonists and constant twists and turns.” Publisher’s Weekly, 2009, Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award

“Williams’s debut, a finalist for the 2009 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award, shows his willingness to take on difficult topics of faith, culture clashes, and gender issues; the effort is admirable”

Publisher’s Weekly, 2013

“Fantasy fans will enjoy this mix of European and Sanskrit folk tales with rich invention and travel lore. The author WBJ Williams lives in Boston and enjoys history and anthropology, and in THE GARDEN AT THE ROOF OF THE WORLD has created a mystic and stirring blend of thirteenth- century cultures.”

“The Garden At The Roof Of The World’ is delightfully easy to read. The story has a fairy tale quality, but quickly disabuses the reader of any notion the happy ever after will be easily won.”  “Recommended for fans of fairy tales and mythology and anyone who enjoys an epic quest with all the inherent twists and turns.”

“This is a thinking novel wrapped around a powerful story with characters you can love facing untold dangers and risking everything on their holy mission.”

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The Garden at the roof of the world

In the age of crusades, five brave women dare to seek a way to save the life of the last creature who knew Adam and Eve before the fall.  Can they survive the dangers and temptations of the 13th century and reach the Garden at the Roof of the World?